Service industry businesses and self-employed workers

Serving your customers is no doubt your most important concern. However, running your business involves certain risks such as, complaints, accidents or legal suits. Your insurance policy must therefore cover all of your professional activities, assets and losses.

Questions you must ask:

  • Is the limit of civil liability afforded by my policy sufficient to cover all legal fees, damages in the event of material loss or casualty? To answer that question, we will need to assess your business volume, type of clientele, neighbouring  businesses, territory covered by your activities, and other relevant factors.
  • Do I have sufficient coverage for my building and my equipment?
  • Was I offered additional guarantees related my particular area of business? For example the goods under your custody, responsibility and control, merchandise in transit, the use of lifting equipment, indirect losses, etc.

Here are just a few of the service industry businesses we serve

Hotels and restaurants

Bed & breakfast, coffee shop, deli counter, ice cream stand, hostels, fast food, tea room, restaurant, caterer, etc.

Service providers/Business services

Real estate agents, architects, audiologists, lawyers, chiropractors, hair dressers, accountants, brokers, dentists, equipment rentals, dry cleaners, notaries, pharmacies, dog grooming, veterinarians, etc.


Construction, installation of siding, electrical equipment, kitchen cabinets, communication systems, fencing, concrete and cement, sewers and drains, septic tanks, etc.

Did you know

Dealing with an independent insurance broker is ultimately reassuring.

An independent broker does not work for his personal benefit,but for yours.

Take advantage of his expertise.

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