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Are you an owner, investor or manager of real estate property? If so, you’re probably looking for the best, most cost-effective insurance coverage. Your goal is to be well protected, while keeping your fixed costs to a minimum.

What are the advantages of requesting a quote from Courtierendirect?

  • We will direct you toward the insurance company that has the product best suited to your building, considering its age, condition, rate of occupancy, rental income, geographic location, rate of loss, as well as to your landlord profile.
  • Your quote will be prepared in a way that provides the widest available coverage to which you are entitled. Depending on your particular circumstances, you can also obtain the replacement cost guarantee, mortgage rate protection, insured rental income reflecting the real loss, sewer backup, breakdown of equipment, such as air conditioners, civil liability for directors and administrators, and many more options depending on your situation.
  • Once you have completed the online quote request, you will obtain a copy in PDF, which you can use again for other requests, without having to answer the same questions over again.

Did you know

Dealing with an independent insurance broker is ultimately reassuring.

An independent broker does not work for his personal benefit,but for yours.

Take advantage of his expertise.

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